If you want to play slot machines, you choose one of the cheapest and riskiest casino ways of playing. Due to the large jackpots and the enormous selection of games, the slot machines are among the most popular games of chance worldwide. Here are the most important strategies for the casino machines and also jackpot, which can maximize the profit in the best possible way and which have been tested by us.

1. Use discount cards

Slots discount card

Most casinos have discount cards for slot machine players. The programs are similar to those of many airlines’ frequent flyer campaigns. By playing, discount points can be collected, which can later be exchanged for meal vouchers, flights, other games, free dinners or the like. Especially in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, these cards are intended to reward slot players for their loyalty.

Because the house edge is so high with slot machines, you should always make use of the so-called “Comp-Card”; because the casinos earn so much from these players that the loyalty points are particularly high. Here it is even more impossible to outsmart machines.

In the end, you get paid to play and not to trick casino machines. The amount of points probably doesn’t compensate for the losses you lose. But you also benefit from the offers and promotions that the casinos offer you exclusively. In addition, the loyalty card can also be combined with other games – such as online blackjack or online roulette – so that you can not only benefit from the slot.

2. Simple games have better payouts

You don’t necessarily need special knowledge to play and enjoy slot machines in the online casino. But you can develop a special focus on casino machines that are likely to have a better payout level – without having to outsmart machines. The easier the game, the better the payout. This is because the fun factor with the nicely designed games is of course much higher and attracts more people. In this respect, you swap your gaming fun for the win. The decision is yours!

3. Understand the principle of slot machines

Slots random generator

Many people assume that the reels stop at random and that machines can therefore be tricked. This is not true, however: the machines are preset to probabilities. This means that the biggest winnings are very rarely paid out, medium and small winnings are more likely. At the first push of a button, it is already decided what will happen.

The blinking, the turning, the waiting are only part of the show. In the end, that just means: every player has the same chances of winning or losing at every casino machine.

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