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The secret to winning an online Jackpot.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to play on a wide range of different gambling websites – most of them slot machine tips and poker table related. After playing hundreds of thousands of Texas Hold’em hands, I can safely tell you that many of these poker websites have “fishy” ways of dealing and flipping the cards.

More times than not, if you have a dominating starting hand in Texas Hold’em against your opponent, you will win the vast majority of draws. And yet, time and time again, lousy poker players are rewarded with bad plays because having better poker hand ranking is based on betting position and “sucking out” against better poker players who clearly deserved to win on these called best poker sites.

It is the general consensus that online poker sites often “reward” reckless and loose poker playing, since that kind of playing ultimately leads to people losing their money faster.

After all, this is a casino we’re talking about.

That being said, it isn’t impossible to find gambling websites where you can actually win jackpots online using best gambling practices and strategies. You just need to know where to look.

There are countless numbers of internet casino sites, many of which are set up outside of the U.S. in countries where there is very little commercial oversight. Given the fact that governmental inference in the gambling industry has been a point of contention between the U.S. government and the people for years, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing that other countries are permissive of gambling websites.

If Uncle Sam has his way, there’d be no gambling on the internet at all (until he could figure out how to tax it).

Of course, the problem with these gaming websites is that the technology behind their gambling apps is dodgy at best. Even though it is already established that casinos slant the odds in their favor, online gambling websites take this to a whole new level. After all, who is watching and overseeing their operations?

Your only real recourse for landing a big online jackpot is to find a website that boasts about its fair play, “random” algorithms, and a track record of online jackpot winners.

Some of the better websites will let you play Slot machines, such as Jackpotjoy bingo and slots, as well as poker, blackjack and the roulette. We have some tips for you about how to win at blackjack and we also have some information about how to play blackjack the right way for your reference

Granted, I’m using the term “random” loosely – with computers, achieving true randomness is quite difficult. A few computer scientists have devised methods of creating computer programs that provide truly random results, but this kind of technology is usually not employed on an online gambling website.

Still, online gambling sites can keep their odds in a range that is compatible with traditional casinos are out there. Before you start depositing money with them, check out their “About Us” section of their websites and see what they have to say about fair play.

Another good sign of a fair play online gambling site is when they post a list of real-life online jackpot winners. Even though a casino makes its money by most of its customers losing, they always have to let some of their customers win, in order to keep them coming back. Be wary, however, of websites that don’t seem to have any public way of promoting winners of their games. Chances are, if a gambling website hasn’t any winners posted on their website, no one ever really wins an online jackpot.

Check out our roulette tips for a winning strategy on the wheel and the must know roulette rules to learn more about online casino roulette and how to play it. Also don’t forget to read the slot machine jackpot article and the best you an find slot machine tips you can count on.

Remember that the key to gambling is entertainment – not winning. You always need to be prepared to part with your money in the name of fun and gaming. If you win – well, that’s an added bonus.

But getting taken advantage of is never fun, so always be sure to find the fairest place to gamble possible and to win the biggest online jackpot.